Remember, be with someone who is good and kind, someone wise, not foolish. More importantly, be with someone who loves you instead of someone who only desires you.

Be With Someone Who Loves You

I’m not perfect but I’m still beautiful. No one can bring me down, not even you. I’m telling all the world, I could make any change if I wanted, but I am beautiful.

Your effort is only for the person who will appreciate it.

Sometimes crying is the only way to make yourself feel better.

Standing tall saying a prayer! Keep moving, keep standing tall. No one can bring me down! I am a strong woman! Won’t let no man steal my joy! I am proud of who I am today!

I admire those people who try to be strong even if they have every reason to give up.

A smart man knows how to love but a wise man knows who to love.

I dont believe in destiny. Our life depends on our choices.

God is the only one who will never leave you.

It may be nothing to you, But its heaven for me.

One day you will wake up and realize that you are okay, and wonder why you loved and cried for that ugly person.

Not everyone will make an effort just to make you happy. Appreciate it when you find them.

Sometimes we must stumble to learn a better way of walking. We need to cry because we cannot hide all the pain by laughing. Most of all we need to be hurt because it is how we learn.

Learn to give up, if you’re hurting too much. As the saying goes, your load becomes lighter when you let go.

If you are holding on to a person when nothing is happening, letting go is not the solution, it’s acceptance.

If you want to be happy, start to accept that you can’t have everything. It’s not all meant for you.

If the time comes that God gives you the right person, remember to always take care and be there for them. God gave them to you for a purpose.

Sometimes, when you are deeply in love, you forget that you are a wonderful person also.

That when your love leaves you, you are still a wonderful person.

Sometimes, you need to be strong to admit that you are weak.

There are so many reasons for you to be happy. Love is just a bonus.

Don’t assume, you will just hurt yourself.

I smile not because I am happy, I smile because whether you’re here or not my life will continue and go on.

Don’t be afraid to love again, not all people are like your ex.

You can’t force yourself to fall for someone, you just fall. If you pass by the right person, they might just trip you if you’re lucky.

Be with someone who is proud to have you.