With my last breath, I’ll exhale my love for you. I hope it’s a cold day, so you can see what you meant to me.?
– Jarod Kintz


You can’t put a price tag on love. But if you could, I’d wait for it to go on sale.
– Jarod Kintz

If my love were an ocean, there would be no more land. If my love were a desert, you would see only sand.If my love were a star-late at night, only light.And if my love could grow wings, I’d be soaring in flight.
– Jay Asher

Moments, when lost, can’t be found again. They’re just gone.
– Jenny Han

Love is woman’s business,and in “business” we all lay aside our natural weaknesses.
– Jerome K. Jerome

There is only one world, And That’s the one you thinking about.
– Jerril Thomas Abraham

Looking back we all have lost a lot,but it’s always really fun to travel through time and seeing the world  , Beautiful, Passing through the times assigned and going through your own life…Always look back and Appreciate things.
– Jerril Thomas Abraham

In life we all have to make a lot of choices and Decisions to make,And the fun part is you always make it right.
– Jerril Thomas Abraham

When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You know that your name is safe in their mouth.
– Jess C. Scott

Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your hearth or burn down your house, you can never tell.
– Jess C. Scott

There are two kinds of love…in the safe kind you look for someone who’s exactly like you. It’s what most folks settle for. But then there’s the other kind of love. Everyone’s born with a ragged edge, and some folks crave that piece that’s a perfect fit. You’ll search for it forever, if you have to. And if you’re lucky enough to find it, it looks so right, you start to tear at your own seams, thinking, maybe I could look just as perfect. But then, of course, when you try to get close to their other half, you don’t fit anymore. That kind of love…you come out of it a different person than you were when you started.
– Jodi Picoult

Image Credit: Photomiqs