If you love someone, make them feel it. Don’t think about the things that will destroy your relationship,think about the positive side of your partner. Always be strong and understanding.

If You Love Someone, Make Them Feel It

Don’t become so busy that the right person for you forgets and becomes the right person for someone else.

People are not perfect. When you find imperfections, accept them. Even you have imperfections but they make you perfect for them because they love you.

There are situations where it is hard to decide, like giving a second chance to the person who once broke you’re trust.

Don’t leave the person you love for a person who just flirts with you. The person who flirts with you will leave you for the someone who flirts with them. The person who loves you will stay by your side.

They say if someone leaves another will surely come.But I would rather keep you.

You can choose the person you will love, but you can never choose the person who will love you!

If you’re in a relationship, you have to be strong for the coming trials and the ups and downs. Because if you’re not it will destroy the relationship you build.

Love is a very powerful emotion. It can drive you crazy and it will hurt you more than you knew you could bear.

It’s easy to break a heart that knows nothing. It’s easy to play with the heart of a person who truly loves, But it’s hard to win back the love of someone who has been hurt.

It’s hard to be with someone who thinks they’re always right!!

When you learn how to love, You’ll also learn how to get hurt, You’ll learn how to cry, You’ll learn how to get jealous, You’ll learn how to become a numb from all the pain. It’s not always laughter and happiness. It’s a total package.

You can’t see the person that is meant for you if you won’t leave the wrong one behind.

There is nothing wrong with loving someone. What’s wrong is loving someone who doesn’t appreciate the value of your love.

No one wants to get hurt or feel pain, but how will you learn if you haven’t experienced it.

If you won’t fight for what you love, you don’t have the right to cry for what you lost.