Love is like a forest…you can’t find one without snakes.

Love Is Like a Forest

You are so lucky because the one I love, loves you instead!

Jealousy is a disease that the body can bear but will break the heart.

Be Thankful that she gets jealous, because that way you’ll know she cares and love you.

Your mortal competitors in love are not the people around her, but the person she loved before you.

It’s hard to love a person who is loving someone else.

Sometimes I wonder if you ever really loved me. I don’t feel it and you don’t show it.

I hate feeling that I really love someone but he’s in love with someone else.

Boys gets jealous more than girls they are just good at not showing it.

If jealousy could kill, I’d be dead already.

Girls just keeps on smiling and laughing but deep inside they are so jealous.

Not all the people who love you will understand you. Sometimes they’re the person who understand least why you’re hurt and act different.

In relationship, it’s always the woman, who’s in control. If there’s a lover’s quarrel its always the woman’s fault…The other woman.

There are things in life that you have to give extra care because if it gets broken, you can never fix it.

Don’t believe the girls who say that they are not jealous. There is not such a thing.

It feels good to stare at the person you love. Feels good to think that you’re together. Feels good to dream and to hope. But it hurts when you are staring at him and see he is staring at others.

It really hurts me every time I see you happy with someone else.

Don’t get mad if she gets jealous because then you know she cares.

Its not really bad to be a selfish, there are just things that should not be shared.

If you’re really honest with the one you love, even if she’s away, you will ignore the people who flirt with you.

Whenever you’re with someone other than me, I get feelings of wishing to be that person, making me think about you more.

Don’t be worried about the people around me. They all know who I love.