Someday, when I get over you, I will learn to love again.

My head says to forget you, but my heart says to come back to you.

Many don’t want to love again because they don’t want to be hurt again.

Forever and always is what you want to promise me?Go ask the last guy who promised me that,see if he’s still keeping that promise.Then come try to promise me that again!If you don’t know his name…its my ex.

I miss the time when you wanted to spend every second of your life with me.

If there is no communication in relationship, don’t be surprised if everything changes.

It’s hard to see the person that you love, loving someone else.

It is wrong to give up to someone you still love, but it’s more wrong to use someone else just to forget them.

Love is like a text, it needs space.

Not everything has a next time and second chance, in life time and opportunity come only once.

I love you and I want the best for you, even though it hurts me. I want you to be happy. I know your love fades away even though you don’t tell me. That’s why I’m setting you free.

If its hard to trust someone, it’s even harder to bring trust back.

Don’t waste your time playing games in love or the time will come that you will be alone.

I am broken without you next to me. I feel empty. My heart feel’s nothing but sadness. You were my first love and you left me. Now that you’ve gone I am left in the dark. You left me knowing I would end up like this. Thank you for never caring and always pretending.

You promised me you’d never leave me, I believed you and let myself fall hard. When time passed and I didn’t hear from you I realized it was a lie. You left without even saying goodbye.

The one you want to forget is the one you always remember.

Why is it that we can have a crush so fast and fall in love so quickly, but it takes a lot of time to forget and to move on.

Though my heart is breaking I still thank you for the times you made me laugh, for the times you listened to me, and the times you shared your life with me. I hope that you find your happiness even though it’s not me. All I want to say is thank you and goodbye.

Image Credit: Irina Patrascu