Love is like magic. As long as you have not seen the trick you will continue to believe.

Love Is Like Magic

Understanding is important in a relationship. If you do, you don’t have to shout, you don’t have to argue you don’t have cry. You’ll know and understand.

There is no right and wrong advice in love, it depends on what your heart and mind tells you, not what others tell you.

Love is hard to find though it’s never been blind.

Love is the greatest creation made by God. You and I can’t jeopardize that.

There’s a big difference between falling in love and jumping into a relationship because you’re lonely.

Love requires no fame so bear no shame.

Love can sometimes be tiresome however, it makes sure you’re unharmed.

Love can make you sad or mad but it’s a feeling you’ll be glad to have.

Love may quench a friendship though it builds a stronger relationship.

Not everything that you understand is the truth and not all the things you cannot understand are a lie. You just have to open your mind.

Love is like a cup of coffee, if you just leave it sitting, it gets cold.

The problem with fairy tales is that they set a girl up for disappointment. In real life, the prince always goes off with the wrong princess.

Love can hurt but it can also heal.

Love can make you cry but I tell you, it’s worth a try.

The best thing to learn in life is the habit of compromise. It’s better to bend a little, than to break a loving relationship.

It’s not wrong to love them. What’s bad is forcing them to love you too

You know you love each other, yet you can’t be together because things must happen in the right time and right place. You just have to wait a little more.

Love needs sacrifices definitely though it endures supreme happiness.

Never leave a true relationship over a few faults! Nobody is perfect. In the end affection is greater then perfection.

In a relationship, before you give up, think first if what the problem really is. Does it really matter when compared to the happy moments and pure love you two have shared?

Don’t Force yourself on someone who doesn’t love you. It’s like putting food into the mouth of a person who does not want to eat.

Girls are like flowers, don’t pick it just to play with.