I don’t have time to hate people who hate me. Because, I’m too busy in loving people who love me.

Short Attitude Quotes For Whatsapp

If you’re going to talk about me behind my back, don’t smile at me to my face.

The wrong person walked out of my life, and the right person walked in.

Till to date, scientists do not discover any vaccination for you stupidness.

Some people are living with a double personality like mean inside but nice outside.

Your mistake is letting me go, my mistake was letting you in.

I’m that ugly I asked myself out and I said no.

Sorry I’m not perfect enough for your perfect little world..

Let me hurt your face, may be I get a little relief by doing this.

I’m the person that the more you complain about me, the harder I’ll try to annoy you.

My mind is full of rudeness and you just lose your space here.

Some people are like clouds when they go away the day gets brighter.

Don’t make so many promises when you can’t even keep one.

The more I think of you, the less I think of you.

Some friends are like pennies. Two-faced & worthless.

To all my haters, remember, its mind over matter: I don`t mind and you don`t matter.

I am a rude person by birth but I know who deal with it.

My Attitude is my born gift and nobody take from me.

I’m nobody’s second option. better you either CHOOSE me, or you lose me.

Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts. Others come into our lives and make us wanna leave footprints on their face.

People with high ego and unnecessary attitude deserves the standing ovation of the tallest finger…

Only two types of men can really break the rules of rudeness, first one is me and other one is following me.

I was raised not to be rude, but I also try to get the best work out of people.

Your behavior shows your hard heart and egotistical as well.

Don’t put words into my mouth. I have got plenty to say. Don’t tell me how to live my life, I do things my way.

You are so dumb and I am thankful to you for this special company.

I’m not going to feel sorry for myself anymore. If you were stupid enough to walk away, I’ll be smart enough to let you go.

It’s a rather rude gesture, but at least it’s clear what you mean…

If you want to be rude then you should become a celebrity.

My life, My choices, My problems, My mistakes, My lessons. Not your business, mind your own problems before you talk about mine.

I Don’t Care About Popularity. I Live In Reality. Based On Originality. Forget Looks. I Respect Personality

Most young people think they are natural when they are only boorish and rude.

I told you I needed you, you told me the same. I wasn’t lying, so why didn’t you tell the truth?

I would like to shot by Hitler instead of living with a rude friend like you.

I just don’t care if anyone doesn’t like me I wasn’t put on earth to entertain everyone.

You ignored the softness of my heart and get ready to believe on my mean behavior.