We are like a clover, you’re the C and I’m the R. Know why? because there is LOVE between us.

There Is LOVE Between Us

I would love to be with someone who is a coward and afraid.A coward to hurt me and afraid to lose me.

I don’t believe in fairy tales but when I saw you , I knew you were my prince and I’m your princess.

We Fall in love with the people who make us smile and laugh.

There is nothing sweeter than the sweetness of our love.

Every time I close my eyes I see you. How I wish I would still see you every time I open them.

If he makes an effort just to make you happy, you will know that he likes you.

I don’t care if I don’t have time for anything else as long as I’m spending it with you.

What’s the difference between the Eiffel Tower and you? The Eiffel Tower is in Paris, you are in my heart.

Sometimes it’s okay to be a little jealous, then you’ll know he cares for you.

There are some people that are not meant for each other. They are not meant for each other, yet their paths still cross.

Have you ever had the experience of being very happy, Because that’s what I feel every time I am with you.

Each day, I think of you, hoping you’ll be right here beside me, telling me that these feelings are love.

If I get tired of loving you, I will just rest a little then I will love you again.

I am very lucky to have you because I had you at my best and I’ll know that I’ll still have you at my worst.

It’s nice when someone tells you to take care. Its better to hear them promise to take care of themselves.

I don’t need the person who can give me everything. I need the one who makes me feel more important than anything.

The words good morning don’t really mean wake up.In fact, it’s my shy way of saying I think of you, every time I wake up.

Do you know how hard your loved one works for you?It is why he still text you even when he knows you will not reply. He remembers you because you’re important to him.

If you ask me what I saw in you, it is not what I saw. It is what I felt for you.

When someone tells you to be careful, it is not because you’re careless, but because you are too important to them.