True love is like boomerang, it always comes towards you and doesn’t care about others.

True Love Is Like Boomerang

There are things that are easy to say but hard to do…such as dieting, saving and most of all moving on.

I consider my ex as a treasure… that I would really like to bury in the ground.

Life is so stupid. An ordinary person makes you smile and a very special person makes you cry. Still, we care for the special one.

Be grateful that my heart is stupid. Even though you broke it, it still loves you.

What’s the use of your heart if I’m not inside it?

If you read love quotes, either it’ll hit you or you will remember someone.

That feeling that you are moving on but you two didn’t have a relationship.

This is true… Life is incomplete without you. I am so unlucky. I can’t be complete…because I know, I can never have you.

If loving you were a crime, I would be the most wanted criminal.

A crush gives you inspiration,But also it gives you depression,especially if your crush is not giving you any attention.

A time will come that you will remember the times you’ve been stupid to someone and you will just laugh.

Love begins with “they are different from all the people I’ve met”. And ends with they are all the same.

You promised you would never leave me, you even said you’d die if you did. Now that we’re done , I think its time for you to fulfill your promise.

Loving someone is not a crime. When they ask if you love them admit it.

I wanted to send my love to you but the mail carrier said it was too big.

I hate the feeling that even when I’m angry, it goes away with just your smile.

If loving you was a crime, I would go to jail a million times.

If you are just planning to play with my feelings don’t start. Because, in this game, you are just the player I am the coach.

Love is not just a word to say. It is an action verb.

They say that I should forget my ex. I ask them why I should forget a good example of my mistake.

A girlfriend is like a government, they have many prohibitions. A boyfriend is like a politician, they have many promises.

I only have two vices, boozing and gambling. Boozing in your love and gambling everything For you.

There’s nothing wrong with admitting you’re in love with him, What’s wrong is that you keep on denying it even though it’s obvious.