Life was meant for good friends and great adventures.

Friends Status

True friends are like diamonds — bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style.

Friends are medicine for a wounded heart, and vitamins for a hopeful soul.

I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

The great thing about new friends is that they bring new energy to your soul.

The only way to have a friend is to be one.

Some people go to priests. Others to poetry. I to my friends.

Some people arrive and make such a beautiful impact on your life, you can barely remember what life was like without them.

The best mirror is an old friend.

Good friends are like stars. You don t always sees them, but you know they are always there.

A good friend is like a four-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have.

There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.

A true friend is someone who will always love you — the imperfect, the confused, the wrong you — because that is what people are supposed to do.

Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit.

A friend who understands your tears is much more valuable than a lot of friends who only know your smile.

Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

If you wanna find out who’s a true friend, screw up or go through a challenging time … then see who sticks around.

You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.

Anybody can sympathize with the sufferings of a friend, but it requires a very fine nature to sympathize with a friend’s success.

Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.

A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.

Detox your life by clearing out Fake friends, Dead-end jobs, and Players posing as Life Partners.

Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.

Best friends are the reason we have empty fridges, dirty rooms, inside jokes, extreme makeovers, true personalities, and real friendship.

Remember no man is a failure who has friends.

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.

Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes.