I love you more than anything, so much that I forgot to love myself also.

I Love You More Than Anything

Cry as much as you want, but when you stop make sure that you never cry for the same person again.

I miss the old you, your sweetness, your loving voice. I miss you. I don’t want you to change, please come back to me.

It’s so hard to be the second priority of the person who is you’re first priority.

It’s hard to get mad for no reason. It’s hard to understand that which is complicated. The hardest of all is to love a person who doesn’t care at all.

You don’t have to love someone else just to show to that you can forget him. In the end, you are the one who’ll end up hurt.

Sometimes, even though you are in pain, you choose to be quiet.

Heartbreak is painful, but it’s more painful if you don’t tell them that you love them.

I am still waiting for you until my heart voluntarily quits.

Sometimes those wonderful memories also give us sadness, pain and  regret.

I hate rain, because it brings back the memories of when you left me.

It’s hard to love more than you can give. You change for him and fight for him, while he does nothing but make you cry.

If only my tears had the power to say what you need to hear, I would cry forever.

Just because they are avoiding you, doesn’t mean they’ll leave you. There are just things in life that you need to keep at a distance to avoid being hurt.

Sometimes the reason why your happy is also the reason why you hurt so much.

Two things could happen if keep someone at a distance. Either they will find you or they will forget you.

Tears are like sweat, they fall when you’re tired.

Don’t hold on to someone if you know they would just let you go.

Missing you by my side tonight, cuddling each other and holding hands. What can I do, but wait for you. I guess I will continue this in my dreams.

I know there are many people who loves you and even if  i am gone, your world will not stop. But i hope you’ll know that if you’re gone, I don’t know how my world will spin again.

They say, “your life starts when we met the person we will love” An then they asked me.” Does your life starts?” I told them.” its over, he left me already.”

No matter how slow you walk, if he is not willing to chase after you he will never reach you, even if you stop.

How will I find room for someone else if you took all the space in my heart.

Don’t force things that you know are never going to happen.

It is really painful when you love someone too late.