Time has passed but I still love you and miss you. I want to hold you like before. I know you’re happy now with the one you choose. The thought that you are happy while I’m miserable brings tears to my eyes.

I Still Love You

There are things in life that, even though not sufficient, make you contented. There are things that, even though it hurts, make you happy.

If the person you love won’t fight for you should do the same or you will just get tired!

Every time I see you all I feel is pain and heartaches.

Not all things that were lost can be found, not all who leave are meant to come back. Not all are like you. If you leave I will wait, if you get lost I’ll search. Not everything is as important as you.

The most valuable places to be in the world are in someone’s thoughts, someone’s prayers, and someone’s heart.

I loved you before but you let it go, I love you but you just ignored it. Now, you love me but I will let it go. Why now? When I am already loving someone else.

I want to hope that someday we will get back together. But I don’t know if that time will come.

I feel you changing and not wanting to talk. Please tell me because I am so confused.

The pain you feel is the reason why you change.

If only I could go back and do things right, if only I could change the past. I would, If only I could. maybe you’d still be here with me.

Little by little I’ll stop loving you, because little by little I feel you doing it too..

I’m tired of forcing myself on the person who can’t love me.
It’s better to stare at the star than trying to reach it when I know that I can’t from the start.

You’re my queen but I’m not your king. You can’t be mine, I love you but you love him.I always come back to you. I wish I didn’t love you because it really hurts.

I still love you and it hurts me every time I see you happy with someone else.

It’s much better to know that you don’t have time for me than to know you have someone other than me.

I didn’t forget that I love you, I just realized that you love her more.

The feeling that you can’t forget a person no matter how hard you try when they can’t even remember you.

If its over, accept it! It is hard, but someday you will be thankful that he left so you could find the person who truly loves you.

Sometimes we choose to love a person who doesn’t care, that’s why we get hurt.