Sometimes the person you fall for isn’t ready to catch you.

Love Hurts Quotes

Love is Heaven, But it can hurt like Hell.

You broke my heart, but I still love you very much.

Sometimes it’s better to be alone. No one can hurt you that way.

I wish falling in love had traffic lights, so that I would know if I should: Go for it, slow down, or just stop.

The people that we love the most are the ones who make us cry the hardest.

Feelings are the most delicate things in life, never hurt them when anyone truly shows to you, because a great saying says…Today it’s me. Tomorrow it’s you!

When love is real, it doesn’t lie, cheat, pretend, hurt you or make you feel unwanted. It’s supposed to be a cure to all your worries.

I’m tired of trying, sick of crying. I know I’ve been smiling, but inside I’m dying.

Some people say I’m too soft, but it allows me to love deeply and want to see the good in everyone. But it also means I feel everything, the good and the bad, to my very soul.

This IS and WILL BE the hardest thing I will ever do. But what is meant to be, will and what is not to be, won’t. Sadly, as much as I wanted this to work it isn’t and is breaking my heart. good-bye

When you have a good heart: You help too much. You trust too much. You give too much. You love too much. And it always seems you hurt the most.

You hurt me more than I deserve, how can you be so cruel? I love you more than you deserve, why am I such a fool?

It doesn’t matter who hurt you, or broke you down, what matters is who made you smile again.

One of the hardest lessons in life is letting go. Whether it’s guilt, anger, love, loss or betrayal. Change is never easy. We fight to hold on, and we fight to let go.

It hurts if someone tells you they don’t want you, but it hurts more if they don’t tell you.

The saddest thing is when you’re feeling really down you look around and realize that there’s no shoulder for you to cry on.

Love is blind and love can be foolish – our heart doesn’t always love the right people at the right time. Sometimes we hurt the ones that love us the most, and sometimes we love the ones that don’t deserve our love at all.