Love is like knotted yarn. If you can’t untangle it, it’s better to cut it.

Love Is Like Knotted Yarn

Touch her heart not her body, make her smile and don’t waste her tears.

Relationship are not always happy. Jealousy and temptation are always there, if you are weak they will destroy your love.

Sometimes a little argument in a relationship is healthy, because it means that you care for each other.

Love is like an exam. You either get it right or wrong, then you have to wait for the final score.

In life, there are things that you will let go but you can never forget.

If you force yourself on a person who does not love you, it’s like trying to go sailing on a road. You don’t get very far and you will look stupid.

People would rather plan how they can get even and get revenge in a relationship rather than how they can build it and make it better.

No matter how hard and complicated your relationship gets, if you really love each other you will never think of giving up.

In Love, you make sacrifices even if you don’t know the reason.

We may fight and say things we don’t mean, things that hurt each other feelings, but I still thank God for you. Even when we fight like that, we end up saying sorry and love you in the end.

Not all love stories have a happy ending. There is not always a happily ever after.

If someone is important to you, love them and do not leave them. A lot can change with each minute you are apart and you may regret it.

Sometimes, life puts you in situations where you don’t know if you should follow your mind or your heart.

If my heart was made of paper, I would have erased his name a long time ago and totally forgotten him. Replacing it with the name of a person I know will love me truly. A person who will not hurt me, who will not let me down. It’s not like that, a heart is a heart. It beats and it loves, even if it hurts. It is still fighting and still waiting. That’s what love is.

True love can be measured by trusting and understanding each other. Even when you are apart.

If the two of you know how to be contented, your relationship will last.

People are always hurt in love because nobody uses their mind in love. When people use their mind with their heart their love is successful…Always

If you really love a person don’t look for what they don’t have. Instead, be satisfied and contented with what he has and what he can give. You love them because you feel it, not because you need something from them.

Love is what is left in the relationship after all the selfishness is taken out.