Sometimes caring is better than loving. Sometimes tea is better than coffee. Sometimes a smile is better than laughter. But nobody is better than you.

Sometimes Caring Is Better Than Loving

The best feeling in the world is knowing that the person I love, loves me too.

Are you still sleeping or awake to the reality that I’m in love with you.

You don’t know how much I love you yet. You just stay there and let me prove it to you!

My head hurts. I need to see you. My heart aches. I need to love you. Do you know why? Because you’re my medicine.

I’m Addicted to you. I really want to see you every day.

I love you, my love. Even though your office doesn’t have a telephone so you can call me, I love you. I yearn for your love. I miss you so.

Love is what makes two adults squeeze themselves in the middle of a bench when there are lots of space at the edges.

I’m not really good at history, but I clearly remember the day that I met you.

You are the beauty of the moon’s light, the light of the sun’s rays and the fire of the dessert burning in my heart. Yes, you are the best dessert I’ve ever had!

I Hope that the next time I wake up, you’re not in my mind because you are at my side.

If I see someone who’s better than you, I’ll close my eyes so I can only see you.

You’ll not get hurt if love the right person, In other words. You will not get hurt if you only fall in love with me.

I’m single, not because it’s what I like. I”m single because I’m waiting for you.

I hope you’re a nurse and I’m the patient, so I can tell you all that I feel.

The guys will act like they like you and flirt with you but they will never admit to it. The girls will act like they like you and flirt with you and admit to it.

My Heart Keeps pounding every time I see you, my heart keeps pounding and I want to love you. If You Know this, Please be kind and love me too.

If you go with the smart ones, you will become smart. If you go with the addicts you will become an addict. If you try to go with me, you will become mine.

It is okay if I have asthma as long as your lips are my nebulizer.

I miss that time when you and i where sitting on the park bench and you told me you loved me. That day we almost kissed and I loved every moment of it.

They say I’m crazy because I’m smiling when I am alone, but I just can’t help it every time I think of you.

I don’t want to be just your friend. I want us to be more than that.

Happiness is all I want to have in my life. In short, all I want is you.

I am just a simple person. It’s your choice if you’re gonna make me special.