Love is like a river it will always find a new way whenever there is a barrier on its way.

Love is Like a River

The greatest feeling in life is to love someone and to be loved by someone.

You are in love when you see the whole world in her eyes.

Love is like a magic, and it will always be.

Love is like climbing a mountain, Its hard to get on the top. But once you are there, Feeling and view is just amazing.

Love is not blind because you see your whole future with someone you love.

Love is brightest ray of sun, making its way through the cloudy sky, falling on your body and soul.

People always see you as one person in whole world, but the person who loves you sees the whole world in you.

True love never gets old with time and never be less with distance.

Love keeps you telling that now “Nothing Else’s Matter.”

When someone truly loves you, You will never need anything in life.

Love is a decision not a feeling, and the decision is made straight from the heart and last forever.

Love is something that you don’t think with your brain or feel with hands. It’s a feeling that you feel in your heart.

Love is lots of things, but it is sure not an easy job.

The best word that describes the love is “Fairy Tale,” as it always ends like it.

When you love someone, you cannot really sleep, since reality is now better than a dream.

Love is like a fire; it will warm your heart or burn your home, you can’t tell.

Love is like a book, it few seconds to burn down but takes years to write it. So love carefully.

If someone truly loves you never give them pain, and if you don’t know what real pain never loves someone.

Love is not about what you get in return, it’s about what you give to your beloved.

Love can heal all your wounds, but when love hurts your wound will bleed forever

Love is like learning a guitar; you may stop playing it, but the strings remain forever.

Love is not about with whom you want to live with. It’s about with whom you can’t live without,

I will never leave you, not today or ever. Now you have entered my heart you will stay there forever.

With every beat of my heart, I think about you, and I will love you until the last beat of my heart.

A Love relationship should be like that of an eye and hands. Eyes see that hands don’t get hurt and when eyes got tears, hands are there to wipe it out.

Love is like a bright sunny day in your life; it warms your heart and soul.

Love is a flower growing in the dry desert, surviving under the toughest condition.

Love is the key to the happiness.

True love is not measured by the words, but it is measured by your lover actions.

The day when you feel you cannot live without your love. It’s the beginning of your life.