Love is like Heaven, But it can also hurt like hell.

Love is Like Heaven

The thing that free us from all the sorrows and pains is love.

It is inappropriate to believe that love comes from long friendship and diligent affair. Love is the offspring of inner bond and unless that bond is created for a moment, it will not be created for years or even generations.

When she asked me what I love most about my life, I smiled at her and said it’s you!

Just because you don’t know someone doesn’t mean you cannot love that person. God has set a special route for you, so open your heart to a stranger.

Love is to love someone no matter, how they are, how they were and what they will be in the future.

Never say, “I love you” to someone, when you are not sure until how long you can say.

Love is like a river always changing its route, but it will meet you somewhere downhill.

Love is a language spoken by each one of us, but understood only by a true heart.

People always need love no matter they deserve it or not.

With every word, you take a piece of my heart.

You don’t know what to do when the only person in the world who can stop your crying is the one who is making you cry.

You showed me how to love but never taught how to stop.

Of all types of warning, warning in love is the most lethal.

No one is perfect, but we still love someone. As we learn to see an imperfect person perfectly in love.

Many people don’t know how strong their love is until they go through the approval test of their parents.

A woman should marry a man who loves her and not the one she loves.

In true love, you give the most of you without asking or demanding and without expecting anything in return.

When there is love, there is a way.

Love can change lives of both, one who gives and the one who receives.