Love is when someone walks into your life, kill your loneliness and make you happy forever.

What is Love

Love is loving someone more for their stupidness rather than smartness.

Love is giving most costly chocolates to your beloved which you can never afford for yourself.

Love doesn’t change your life, but it does change the way you think.

Love can’t be measured by the number of times you say, “I Love You,” Love can’t be measured by the number of precious gifts you give. But love can be measured by the amount of time you spend thinking about him/her.

Love is when your eyes do talking, and your heart starts thinking.

Love is when you feel “You are the only one I want in my life and want to live with you forever.”

Love is the sweetest thing in life when you experience, but it is also most painful feeling when you FAIL.

Love is like climbing a coconut tree, but you are confident that you will get down carrying apples.

Love is when you think of hundreds topics to talk, but when you see him/her, you forget everything.

Love is when you are more eager to say, “I Love You” then to hear it.

Love is not a mistake in life, but it’s just that you choose the wrong person.

Love is when I look at you.